The Genocide Papers
by Ekwe Nche

Foreword by Biafra Activation Forum (BAF)

Genocide Committed Against Biafra by the Federal Government of Nigeria during the Biafran War of 1967-1970.

To begin, be informed that there is no statute of limitations for crimes against humanity. (United Nations Resolution No. A/7342 of the 27th November, 1968, regarding the "Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity"). Crimes against humanity don't get much worse than genocide.

These papers  are a report of  COMPLAINT MADE TO THE DIRECTORATE OF THE INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR THE STUDY OF THE CRIMES OF GENOCIDE.  The report is divided into parts for easier reading, but this is not a subject for the faint of heart or weak of stomach. Be warned: this is not easy reading. The accompanying pictures following the parts are not for easy viewing either; they are quite disturbing. (see Genocide Pictures link)

We publish these papers not to inflame emotions. We are mainly compelled by the imperative to leave a living record, using the opportunity made possible by the medium of the Internet, so that we can learn from the past.

Today, many people, including Igbos, dismiss these accounts as inflammatory propaganda. In this sense, we have learned nothing. We pay for this ignorance very dearly, by being victimized by more violence and genocide, even today, more than 30 years later, by the same machinery of the Federal government of Nigeria and the Northern Nigeria agenda.

There is one sure means to stop the cyclical genocide perpetrated against the Igbo: Sovereign independent nation of Biafra, using petition,  peaceful and orderly means, and dialogue with the other nations that make up Nigeria.

The Igbo nation must decide to remove herself out of genocidal harm's way. Peaceful actualization of Biafra is the means to accomplish that; now is the time.

We thank Ekwe Nche for their work in preserving and providing this report.