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The Times of London, 2nd August 1968, carried on Pages 5 and 9 gruesome
stories of Nigerian atrocities in Biafra. In these stories it indicated that
in a hospital outside Enugu, the vandals shot all fourteen Biafran nurses who
stayed behind and then went down the wards killing the patients as well. And
sadly enough, according to Mr. C. N. C. Nnolim, these Biafran civilians
massacred by the Nigerian soldiers were not even buried but left in the open
air to be devoured by vultures and wild beasts.
In his report Mr. C. N. C. Nnolim, the Divisional Officer for Nkanu Division
indicated that in May 1968 the Nigerian vandal soldiers entered the little
village of Amurri and removed fourteen people, including a prominent Obe
trader, Mr. Ngwuocha and from Ozella Awkunanaw in June 1968, the vandals
removed about 500 People, men, women and children. Like the fourteen who were
removed from Amurri, the report said, nothing has been heard of them and some
of them the report suggested might have been shot while others might have
been forcefully conscripted into the enemy vandal army. Mr. Nnolim is
available for testimony.
The Nigerian vandal army that entered Okigwi murdered two International
Committee of the Red Cross delegates in Biafra, two missionaries, several
other foreign relief workers and over 100 Biafran civilian, men, women and
children. The slaughter was unprovoked. The Nigerian authorities have
admitted these acts but claim that they were done by drunken soldiers.
The brutal episode whatever its cause dramatically reinforces evidence of
genocide. Jack Shepherd, the Senior Editor of "Look" Magazine said in
November 26th 1966 issue that "Perhaps 8,000 Ibo civilians died when the
Mid-West was 'liberated' by troops under Col. Murtala Mohammed. Col.
Benjamin Adekunle's men killed 2,000 people in 'South Eastern State' when the
Mid-West village of Ishiagu was taken. Federal troops shot at women and
children as they moved with Automatic weapons through every hut. Between 100
and 400 men died.
Asaba was one of the centres of mass killings of the natives. On the 5th
October one Okwudalue, who has now been made the Asagba in place of the
traditional ruler who had escaped to Onitsha, was made to summon a meeting of
all available
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natives to welcome the Nigerian troops. Soldiers with rifles went into every
house drawing out everybody and telling them that those who failed to turn up
would be regarded as enemies. The people rushed out in thousands and
everywhere was filled with shouts of 'One Nigeria'. Chiefs and prominent
women dressed in their traditional white clothes to welcome the troops.
There was dancing and drumming all over the town. Suddenly the crowd was
surrounded by soldiers and on the orders of the commanding officer, bullets
were sprayed on them. It is not possible to say exactly how many people died
in all, but they were not less than two thousand. The women were carried
away to Agbor where they were forced to serve as 'comforts' to the soldiers.
The sworn affidavits of Messrs. John Kanayo Odita, Francis Dike Okwudiafor
and Anyibuofu Onya-Onianwah hereby attached tell the story.
Giving an account of the Sapele and Warri massacres, an eye witness, Mrs.
Violet 0. Ikwuazom, a trader of 3 Obianwu Street, Onitsha disclosed that:
"Although the Mid-West Radio admitted that 450 were killed, this was very
much underestimated. They killed about 1,000.
"When the Nigerian vandals entered Sapele they joined forces with the hiding
Urhobo soldiers to unleash yet another pogrom against Biafrans and West
Nigerian Ibos. The men stripped naked were ordered to stretch their hands
upwards and to dance and sing 'Ojukwu call me'. Then they were finally shot
by Hausa and Urhobo soldiers. Many other young Biafrans had their hands tied
behind them and shot before they were pushed into the river. The mass
killing of people continued for days ... At the Warri taxi park a gang of
ferocious looking men accosted us. The gangsters called us Ibos. We were
all stripped naked and mercilessly beaten up. Scores of other Ibo women in
Warri were victims of this brutality". It is impossible to say how many
people have been killed. A correspondent of London Financial Times of 7th
November 1967 said that over one million lives have been lost in this
senseless war and about 85% of these are civilians. Donance O. Cinneide was
right when he said "And how can the civilised world continue
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to stand by while a cruelly wronged Biafra is under attack from an army that
confirmed its intentions by the further slaughter of thousands of civilians
after the capture of Asaba, and the occupation of Benin and Calabar".
The Nigerian invasion of Afikpo through the Cross River presents another story
of calculated liquidation of the civilian population. Mr. Samuel Inyang, a
non-Ibo Biafran, Chemist and Druggist by profession, tells the story of his
experience in Umuana village. His sworn affidavit is herein attached. There
were no Biafran soldiers at Umuana when the Nigerian soldiers entered the
village as happens in each and every occasion of a massacre.
The Nigerian troops first attacked in this area early in July 1967. The
population has been entirely decimated. Only a few still live to tell the
tale. The sworn affidavits of the following survivors are hereby attached:
(1) Sylvester Madubuattah
(2) Dominic Eze
(3) S. K. Eze
This is a non-Ibo speaking area of Biafra. Two eye witnesses, John Samuel
Akpaidiok of Ituk Mbang and Chief Raymond Akpan Orok of Urua Inyang village
have lived to tell the story of what Nigerian "liberation" meant to the
so-called "minority" elements. Their affidavits are attached to this
(e) Aerial Conduct of the War by Nigeria is Directed to Genocide
As mentioned in the intercepted messages above, the object of Nigerian daily
bombing mission in Biafra is to destroy all civilian lives. All the towns
and villages in Biafra have been bombed times without number. Listed
hereunder are a few most striking ones:
i. Itu Leper Colony, January 23 1968:
The 63 year old Mary Slessor Hospital, Itu was razed to the ground by combined
bombs, rockets and bullets attacks from Nigerian jet fighters and bombers.
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Authentic photos show the extent of damage done by the Nigerian planes to the
Mary Slessor Hospital. International Herald Tribune (Paris) lst February
1968 reported the bombardment of Itu thus: "One of the heaviest damage the
foreign press saw was at the Mary Slessor Hospital of the Presbyterian Church
... at Itu on the Cross River, North-West of Calabar. One doctor and one
patient were killed in the building by the blast. Three people standing
outside were wounded and died later.
ii. Aba, 21st December 1967:
One of the worst bombings in Aba was that carried out on December 21st 1967
when two Nigerian jets bombed the heart of the residential area of Aba. 15
people were counted dead and one of them a prominent medical practitioner,
Dr. Augustine Onyejiaka. Among the houses affected by this wicked raid were
117 St. Michael Road, 137 and 135 Cameroun Road. The bombing of civilians
has been witnessed by prominent foreign visitors and journalists. One Walter
Partington of the Daily Express reported in the 23rd April 1968 issue of how
70 people died (Biafrans) in a hit and run attack on Aba by Nigerian bombers.
He went on: "I saw a young girl hideously charred, dragged from under a
burnt out Volkswagen. Two children and two men lay near.
iii. Aba, 26th April 1968:
"I have seen things in Biafra this week which no man should have to see.
Sights to scorch the heart and sicken the conscience. I have seen children
roasted alive, young girls torn in two by shrapnel, pregnant women
eviscerated, and old men blown to fragments; I have seen these things and I
have seen their cause; high-flying Russian Ilyushin jets operated by Federal
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Nigeria, dropping their bombs on civilian centres throughout Biafra ..."
iv. Onitsha, November 19-24, 1967:
Massive bombing of the civilian population of Onitsha was carried out by the
Nigeria Air Force and the targets were non-military targets. Targets
(a) Christ the King College
(b) Dennis Memorial Grammar School
(c) Anglican All Saints Cathedral
(d) Onitsha General Hospital
(e) The Magistrates Court
Scores of various residential areas in the town.
v. March 11, 1968:
Below is a list of some of those who were killed by the hired pilots of the
Nigeria Air Force in Onitsha province in one raid only on 11th March 1968:
1. Mrs. Acha Amanchukwu A middle-aged woman selling palm wine
2. Sunday Egbanike A driver aged 25
3. Patrick Onyechi A scholar aged 16
4. Emmanuel Unaegbu Aged 16
5. Adafor A girl aged 5
6. Onyeisi A twin male aged 2 1/2
7. Alexander Ezeadi A refugee from Asaba aged 23
8. Dominic Obiosor Aged 80
9. Mrs. Rose Nwadiafor Ogoegbunam A married woman and mother of Juliet
10. Juliet Ogoegbunam A child aged 3
11. Mrs. Ifeoma Adibuah A housewife
12. Mrs. Adibuah's child A little child aged 5
13. Chinwo Anyikwo Aged 3 daughter
14. Mrs. Victoria Anyikwo Housewife
15. Akonam Chude Aged 5
16. Mr. Francis Ezeugo Okolo A petty trader aged 20
17. Mr. Onysharaenyi A casual labourer
vi. Bombing of Market Places
Here are a few instances:
February 17th 1968
Awgu market was bombed killing 150 People and wounding 100 people.
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March 3rd, i968
The Eke Nomeh market was rocketed, 78 people died and 150 wounded.
December 14th 1967
Nigerian jet bombers bombed Itu market killing 6 and wounding over 23 others.
September 14th 1968
The Nigerian jet bombers bombed Aguleri market (Otuocha) while in full
session, killing 500 and wounding over 1,000 people. The affidavit of one
Lawrence Nmezi, Police Sergeant stationed at Aguleri gives an eye witness
September 4th, 1968 - Ihiala Market and Hospital
On 4th September 1968, Nigerian war planes bombed, strafed and rocketed the
Ihiala market and Roman Catholic Hospital. Mr. Jude Nwokeke Aninwe, Police
Officer in charge Police Station, lhiala, tells the story as an eye witness
in his affidavit hereby attached.
vii. Hospitals
Without any prick of conscience the vandals bomb hospitals as military
targets. Here are a few examples:
Eket, December 28th 1967
Nigerian jets bombed the Lutheran Mission Hospital
Itu, January 23rd 1968
Mary Slessor Hospital, Itu was razed to the ground by combined bomb, rocket
and bullets from Nigerian jet fighters and bombers. On 3rd March 1968
Matthew Rosa, correspondent of the "Observer", writing under the caption
"School and hospitals bombed" said: "As I write, Nigerian planes have just
carried out their 48th raid on Biafra, or Oruku in the south-east ... I have
examined after the bombing, the nine destroyed hospitals which are BOROMIO
Catholic Hospital at Onitsha, the General Hospital at Arochukwu, the
Methodist Hospital at Onitsha, the General
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Colony and Mary Slessor Hospital at Itu, the Lutheran Mission Hospital at
Eket, Obioma Chelsea Home for Handicapped Children and the Infectious Disease
Hospital at Port Harcourt and the Eja Joint Hospital Itigidi."
viii. Schools
Continuing, he says "Nigerian Planes have also destroyed the Girls' Secondary
School at Owerri, Christ the King Elementary School at Aba, the Anglican
Girls' Secondary School at Enugu, Christ the King College and Dennis Memorial
Grammar School at Onitsha, Holy Ghost Teachers' Training College at Umuahia,
Union Girls' Secondary School at Ibiaku, and the Lutheran High School at Uyo."
(f) Food Poisoning
The following official statement issued by the Government of the Republic of
Biafra shows the extent to which Nigeria is prepared to go to exterminate
"(32) lhiala, November, 1967.
Biafran health workers and other Scientists discovered arsenic acid in bags of
salt, sugar and tins of milk and tomatoes infiltrated into Biafra through the
mid-West by the Nigerian Government".
The statement has not been denied.
(g) Genocide through Starvation
One of the genocidal devices employed by Nigeria in her efforts to annihilate
Biafrans is starvation. After all, did Nigeria not claim that "starvation is
a legitimate instrument of warfare". As a result of the stringent economic
blockade on the young Republic, imported foods like tinned milk, tomatoes,
sugar, salt, meat, beans, etc. are virtually non-existent in the market. The
food shortage has resulted in malnutrition and cases of "kwashiorkor"
disease. This situation has caused the loss of hundreds of thousands of
lives. The main victims
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are old men and women, nursing mothers and children. This terrible situation
coupled with the wanton destruction of farm lands and crops in areas overrun
by federal troops has led to mass starvation and death. Despite the
tremendous efforts being made by world-wide Relief Agencies in sending tons
of food to the starving people of Biafra, authoritative opinions held that
one million or more Biafrans will have died by January 1969 as a result of
starvation. Such opinions have been expressed by relief workers in and out
of Biafra. For instance, on page 24 of the Daily Telegraph (London) of 1st
August 1968, a German doctor, shocked by the appalling famine situation in
Annang Province said, "I estimate that 30 to 40 per cent of the children in
Annang Province will die from disease caused by malnutrition. Other doctors,
with more experience of Africa than I, put the figure as high as 80 per
cent". Actually, according to the report of a Roman Catholic priest working
in the area,
the death toll per day in one of the camps at Ikot Ekpene rose to 50. The
story is the same all over Biafra.
It is significant to note also that this report came from one of Gowon's
so-called minority areas.
The relief that comes from international organisations is insufficient. The
"International Herald Tribune" (Paris) of 12th July 1968 carried this story
On Page 5: "The supplies for Biafra are only a fraction of those stored in
Lagos awaiting distribution to needy persons on the Federal side of the
battle fronts ... " And Nigeria has no serious food problem. Nigerians,
aided and abetted by some foreign powers have committed and are still
committing these acts of genocide against Biafra. Fully aware of the
enormity of the crime of genocide and disturbed by increasing
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world abhorrence of their acts, Nigerians together with their secret
collaborators, have sought by every means possible to exonerate themselves
and silence Criticism. As a last resort and to give their blatant denials an
air of respectability the Nigerian Government and their collaborators have
organised a group which is styled "International Observer Team" to put up a
show of independent impartiality in investigating the Biafran charges of
Genocide. It is no wonder, therefore, that the so called "International
Observer Team" has returned their expected verdict of "no genocide'' in order
to assuage the conscience of a horrified world. The International Observer
Team has never visited Biafra nor requested Biafra for her own evidence of
I Present the bare facts of Biafra's charge of genocide against Nigeria. A
few examples only have been mentioned in a thunderous catalogue of crimes
against humanity and genocide. Well over one million have perished in Biafra
since the Nigerian authorities put into operation their calculated acts of
genocide. Many more are yet to die except world conscience takes positive
steps to put an end to a tragedy unparalleled in the history of Africa.
1. It could be seen that from the political situation the Nigerian body
politic was an association of incompatibles and the contradictions therein
have heightened up to a position where the various ethnic groups have found
it impossible to live together. By the same process much hatred and enmity
had been bred, resulting in the readiness of the major ethnic group in power
(Northern Nigeria) to exterminate the minority ethnic groups (Biafrans), as a
means of solving the political issues.
The massacres of Biafrans in 1945 at Kano and in 1953 in the Jos area are
pointers to this evident state of affairs. The political crises, which
plagued the Federation for 7 years of her life, are also pointers in the same
The Nazi methods of Sardauna Brigades are all facts pointing to the same
conclusion. It is, therefore, not surprising that, in the present conflict,
the policy of extermination of a minority
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group has been assiduously pursued by the majority group (the Northerners),
who, at present, control the machinery of government in the Nigerian
2. Further evidence of this intention to exterminate is revealed in the
7-point programme above referred to. The interesting points about the
7-point programme are the steady fulfilment of the programme as enunciated.
The regularity of the dates of the massacres - 29th May, 29th July, 29th
September, are all evidence of planning and premeditation. The pattern of
the massacres rule out the possibility of a spontaneous reaction by a mob,
for on each and every one of these occasions, the massacres all took the same
pattern on the same date, all over Northern Nigeria and Lagos. Furthermore,
there is the point that the massacres affected only one ethnic group, the
Biafrans. The point that not even the law enforcement agencies were prepared
to save the Biafrans from this woeful fate, are all evidence of the fact that
these massacres were planned with the knowledge of the authorities concerned.
There are witnesses as related above, who have testified that not only were
these massacres planned by the Government authorities, such law enforcement
agencies as the Army, the Police, the Natural Rulers, but they also actively
participated in the massacres.
3. Further evidence could also be supplied by the intransigent attitude
of the Northern Federal Government under Northern control in its refusal to
effect a political settlement by negotiations. The present insistence on a
military solution despite the fact that it is well known that on the Biafran
side at least a million people have lost their lives, either by military
action, or by starvation, goes to show such reckless disregard of human lives
could only be excused on the exigencies of the military situation.
4. The conduct of the war itself on the side of the Federal Nigerian
Government, is ample evidence that the 7-point programme has not been
abandoned. There is abundant evidence to show that military targets are not
the objectives of the Nigerian vandals. Villages have been bombed, towns
raided, and civilians massacred with the full knowledge that these acts were
in no way related to the military situation. We have abundant testimony from
foreign visitors, journalists, men of goodwill, to testify to the wanton
destruction of life and of property not necessitated by the exigencies of the
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EKWE NCHE Organization.